Packetizer  Celebrating 20 Years

Packetizer Web Services

We are moving into a new generation of programming, where any number of new applications may be created by utilizing web services created by others and provided to the public for consumption via well-defined APIs. We offer a number of such services here on Packetizer. This so-called programmable web offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and functionality to software developers, web designers, and even those who just tinker with a personal web site.

This page lists some of the various web services provided by Packetizer, along with sample code to utilize those services. Use of these services and related software is provided without charge, but is subject to our terms of service so as to ensure that they might be of benefit to the entire Internet community.

While these services are all very trivial, they serve as an example of some of the various common services one might employ. More advanced web services are built using similar approaches, including Packetizer's Hive service, which is a web-based distributed file storage system.

Visiting the above pages may or may not hint that all of these services are programmable, but they are. Further, the "Accept" header is supported so that query strings are not necessary. Perhaps the precious metal spot price example serves as a model for the others.

Due to the "same origin" security restrictions imposed by JavaScript, those who would like to access the Packetizer Web Services via JavaScript code on their own site can utilize the Packetizer Web Services Proxy, which is a simple CGI script that one places into the cgi-bin directory.

NOTE: These services may be accessed via either HTTP or HTTPS, depending on your preference.