Bitcoin (BTC) / US Dollar (USD) Exchange Rate Service

This REST service will provide the current exchange rate of a bitcoin (1 BTC) in U.S. Dollars (USD). The exchange rate is updated daily at the end of the business day and is available in XML or JSON format.

The format of the JSON document is similar to the one shown below.

  "date": "2024-02-22",
  "usd": "51382.99",
  "circulation": "19634993.75"

The format of the XML document is similar to the one shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Note that this service is for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be accurate. We will try to correct issues if they are pointed out to us, but will not accept responsibility for incorrect data or service failure.

To use this service, you should issue an HTTP GET request against this URL with the Accept header set to "application/xml", "application/json", or "application/javascript". Alternatively, a request may be issued with a URL parameter of "f" set equal to "xml", "json", "javascript" (i.e., "?f=xml", "?f=json", or "?f=javascript").

The JavaScript option is primarily to support JSONP. For an example of how that can be used on your web site, see the MOTD service demo page.

Note: Use of this service is subject to the Terms of Service.